Interview with Liu Yang, Founder of DL Atelier
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Feelings and memories are now what we mostly concern about. We hope to create “sensational” designs in an unconstrained way. 
Ideal architectural design in our mind: people get together under an old tree, bathing in the afternoon sunshine, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, chatting, smiling, giggling, laughing…
Q: Please let us know more about DL Atelier.
A: Well, I would like to make a “Medical Examination Report” for DL Atelier to show you everything directly.
Age: two years old, a toddler who just learnt walking in the babbling stage, more practice needed. 
Gender: sometimes male, sometimes female, usually girl in the conceptual design stage and boy in the stage of interpretive and detailed space design. 
Vision: 0.4, neither with good eyesight nor remarkable intelligence, do the designs just based on an unconstrained and dreamlike style.
Cardiopulmonary: hot-tempered with a little heart, very sensitive, instinctively would like to probe into essential features of projects, and even to do much more further research on them incredibly. 
Stamina: full of energy, always mingling the work of design with daily life as a whole, never tired to do the designs.
Q: Could you share some interesting stories with us about the project design, for example, in the process of communication with clients or coordination with construction partners?
A: Nowadays we mainly do the communication or coordination of related projects by social networking tools such as the popular WeChat in China, and through the “Moments” of WeChat, most of dynamic information from the relative project parties is clearly available. Even though he or she doesn’t show any status on the WeChat, we could understand his or her attitude.
Q: Could you please briefly talk about the project(s) you are doing at present?
A: At present, we are doing a primary school project. The flexible project schedule provides us with enough time to do it in several trial ways from various space angles. As a result, we found all lack of the specific DL Atelier’s “dialect” itself.
Q: What architectural design is your favorite? And who is the most influential architect for you?
A: I prefer those architectural design filled with visual stimulus, smooth but energetic. One of the latest films named Gone with the Bullets directed by the famous Jiang Wen, to some extent, reflects the architectural designing style I personally appreciate: dreamlike, smoothness within stimulus, fantasy within reality…Well, the most influential? Oh, of course, that is Jiang Wen today!
Q: Who do you think is an excellent Post-’80 architect as you know? Would you please do a recommendation?
A: Cheng Yanchun, one of my workmates, recently came back from Japan with her doctoral degree, who is a promising young designer with her personal unique thoughts on architectural design.
Q: What do you think the post-’80 architects should be in your mind?
A: Just be themselves, that’s fine.
Q: What kind of information do you usually concern? And which architectural topic recently attracts you most?
A: All kinds of information interest me. I would like to bring information in mind as much as possible. How much will be actually kept in my mind? Ah ha, it just depends on the capacity of my brain.
Q: What do you think about today’s industries of architecture and landscape architecture?
A: Well done. More and more people nowadays keep an eye on our industry. That’s really good! More invectives indicate more attentions. Indeed, I hope our industry will be discussed by public in a gossip way, with the birth of industrial speculation. It must be very interesting. Several days ago, I angrily read a criticism about designing plagiarism of Mi’s cleaning cartridge products. But, the next day when I woke up, I was suddenly aware: ah, it is just a collaborative speculation by Mi itself and the so-called plagiarized party, a Japanese company. Finally, both of them benefit from that speculation for they are absolutely not competitor to each other with totally different consumers. That is just the great effect of speculation. Thus, I think it is not bad to run our industry by the similar way of speculation.
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