Secretary-General in China, Sino-French Architectural Communication Society, Li Liguo
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As Li Liguo sees, Shanghai has always been a golden market as in its old time, a place to achieve dreams, while everyone living there is alien to each other. Once you step out from the airport, you feel some Paris in the pace of city life.   
“Once I arrived in Shanghai, on the gallery bridge, not even before I went out of the airport, I felt that everyone was in a hurry on my way. But when you go out of Charles de Gaulle airport, life gets slow down immediately. To buy a thing is just a way to talk with people, and people enjoy so much talking with others, sharing their life experience.
As the Secretary-General in China of SFACS (Sino-French Architectural Communication Society), who regularly flies between China and France, having been studying and working in both cities for a long time, Li Liguo has a profound understanding of their culture, architecture and tradition.

A "Package" to Increase Residents' Happiness Index
“对于我来说,理想的城市就是能提供更幸福的生活。”当然,所谓的幸福城市并不仅仅浮在表面的概念,“自上而下地规定如何让所有人幸福,最终将导致一场灾难!” SFACS的目标是将法国建筑设计和城市规划的数百年经验与教训,通过与中国本土文化的结合,融合于中国的城市化进程,促进中国城市建设的良性发展,提升城市的综合竞争力和幸福指数。
"For me, the ideal city is able to provide a happier life." Of course, the so-called city of happiness is not just an idealist’s dream, “trying to guarantee the happiness of everyone would be a disaster!" SFACS aims to learn from France’s experience of hundreds years in architecture and city development, and by integrating which in the process of urbanization in China, to promote a healthy development in city construction, so as to enhance overall competitiveness and happiness index.
The "centralization" of urban system, gathering together most functional blocks, results in an over-pressured area at the city centre, leaving suburbs under-developed. “If my children need to go to school, I cannot go to Fengxian District, if elders need to go to the hospital, I can not find any nearby. We also have some cultural requirements, such as to see the art exhibition and so on.” Without sufficient living facilities, it is difficult to draw people from the centers. In fact, the environment in suburb is significantly better, however if the core resources didn’t flow, the problem could not be resolved." Even the Zhangjiang Science and High-Tec Park which is home of thousands of companies seeing busy streets in the daytime, is nothing but a ghost town at night.
为更大程度地提升各大城市的综合竞争力和幸福指数。自2013 年以来,SFACS 推出年度“中法城市与建筑可持续发展论坛”,每年秋季邀请约十家法国知名建筑设计机构前来中国与政府、开发商、设计师和研究人员进行论坛演讲和圆桌讨论。
To increase the overall competitiveness and happiness index in major cities, since 2013, SFACS started launching the annual "Sino-French Forum on Urban and Architectural Sustainable Development". They invite 10 well-known architecture design organizations to China every year to address lectures and talks with government, developers, designers and researchers.
Only by upgrading function features of the area can we enhance happiness index of the residents. You can do “shopping, dining, watching movies, parenting all in a shopping mall,’ saving traffic and lessening pollutions.
A "Major Surgery" for Protection and Development in Foreign Concessions
Li Liguo took part in the transformation projects of the historic districts in France such as new Left Bank of Paris, Le Defense Central Business District and the old city of Lyon with a deep realization. "Paris and Lyon went into the baby boom after World War II. After they grew up to stimulate the market, a massive but hasty and rough expanding of buildings was seen without sufficient living facilities. Since all buildings by that time are similar and listed orderly near street for easy management, it’s just been a minor surgery to reshape them.
It’s leverage between capital and public power, which is not the best issue you want to confront in China. Fast money is the main incentive rather than some historical significance for businessmen in this time, for them, an investment without coming profits is unacceptable.
Fortunately, Shanghai is a highly competitive international city that is strong enough to against this "unhealthy tendencies".Shanghai Concession have a development, in fact, it is a war which balance between the protections of the development. Due to the cost of repair is much higher than construction costs, old concession many cities are taking demolition reconstruction mode. But in terms of archeology, history is non-renewable, it can not be copied. The outstanding historic preservation unit of Shanghai, as a protection system at local level, more or less well protected Shanghai's historical and cultural buildings.
For example one of the most well-known: Rui'an Group had a successful transformation to Xintiandi, protected around two blocks, so that the surrounding historic buildings has been a good financial support, they created the classic Shanghai in recent years. But when it comes to what Shanghai people have benefited, this is a relative concept, even some subsidies, some elderly people have been accustomed to such living area, all moved out to the suburbs, equal broke their decades of habits.
Travel Must Have a Map
Before be a successful building planners, Li Liguo also has a hard study way, "When I first went to France, I was asked to draw 20 perspective on the same space in the first lesson, but from different perspective." This makes him special emphasis on the perspective real sense of space. He believes that a good architect, must be a pair of eye to capture the sense of space," Recently a very popular building - alone library, designers try to use wood and cement material, but it is so simple to capture light and shadow, let the sense of space throughout the library's performance is very simple. "
It is because of outstanding architectural and urban space quest, every trip to a strange city, Li Liguo, will prepare a local map for yourself. He planned to go to the line and to examine the building before the beginning of each trip; He planned to go to the line and to examine the building. Through a paper map, he can successfully lock the building memory which one he met the urban space .Because of the plan as a whole, people love to joke, "They always said, the meaning of the journey is to find a surprise, and a map to make the journey to become a regular in the search."However, as a principle of building planners, Li Liguo still go its own.
Of course, a map can not really hinder Li Liguo has a surprise on the road. When he came to Spain Sagrada Familia "I think the whole world is quiet!"A 100-year-old drawing, the building has not finished," but the moment I just want to kneel to worship".

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