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Planning is a process of discovery with different goals, tools, ideas that unite community residents, professionals, practitionals and government officials. The topic in this issue is reporting American Planning Association’s 2014 awarded projects to update you the latest information in this industry. 

丹尼拉·柏翰综合规划奖Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan

辛辛那提城市规划:未来综合规划Plan Cincinnati: A Comprehensive Plan for the Future 

地点:俄亥俄州,辛辛那提丨Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Plan Cincinnati is the first plan for the city of Cincinnati in more than 30 years. The three year process began in 2009; one year after the city's planning department was re-established. Instead of trying to make Cincinnati like other cities, Plan Cincinnati focuses on what makes Cincinnati unique — its urbanity. The plan focuses on revitalizing Cincinnati's neighborhood centers and corridors while improving citizen's physical health and quality of life. In a shift from traditional comprehensive plans, Plan Cincinnati is organized around five initiatives — compete, connect, live, sustain, and collaborate. The result is a plan that is more conceptual and is not a strict parcel-by-parcel approach. The plan emphasizes mixed-uses, and defines areas where compact walkable development should be reinforced or established.
Development of the plan was achieved through a "process of discovery," letting the process itself guide the plan's direction. Oversight was provided by a mayor-appointed steering committee that included representatives from community organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and institutions. Neighborhood summits, public open houses, and special youth outreach helped ensure that Plan Cincinnati was a plan that represented the citizens of Cincinnati and successfully involved stakeholders of various ages, backgrounds, and geographies.

遗产2030综合规划Legacy 2030 Comprehensive Plan

北卡罗莱纳州,温斯顿—塞勒姆/福赛斯郡丨Location: Winston — Salem / Forsyth County, North Carolina
Legacy 2030 Comprehensive Plan identifies a list of strategies, policies, and actions to help Winston-Salem/Forsyth County become more sustainable, better designed, and more fiscally responsible. Forsyth County's predicted population growth, combined with its sprawling development pattern could result in the county running out of developable land within the next 20 years. Legacy 2030 Comprehensive Plan addresses these concerns and connects health and equity to the physical form of the county, focuses on ways to catalyze private investment, and makes the case that higher density and mixed-use urban areas yield a higher return on strategic public investments.
The plan's multi-pronged approach to engage citizens in the planning process was designed to invite resident input and offer a variety of ways in which to do so. Outreach efforts included an interactive website, a film series, public meetings, and a music video. As a result of the outreach efforts, the planning department came into contact with more citizens than ever before and the community sees a greater connection between planning and issues like public health, local foods, equity, and quality of life.

住房和城市发展部部长之机遇与自主激励奖The HUD Secretary's Opportunity and Empowerment Award
山景村Mountain View Village
地点:阿拉斯加州,安克拉治丨Location: Anchorage, Alaska
山景村是安克拉治的最早的人口聚集地之一,人口居阿拉斯加之首,然而财政状况却最为糟糕,亟待振兴地区经济。因此,库克湾房屋委员会(CIHA)选定山景村作为其整改对象,以改善破败陈旧的居住环境为此次整改的主要目的。CIHA采取分散性区块开发策略,避免住房改善的区域集中性、局限性与单一性。CIHA与山景村地方委员会(MVCC)两个组织通力合作来整合双方重建意向,并在规划过程中鼓励民众积极参加、献计献策。他们的目标包括:减少无主地数量;增加房屋拥有者数量;对陈旧、破败或空置建筑进行拆除处理。 CIHA已投资8 400万美元作为山景村土地购买、重建或房屋的实时销售及租赁发展、私房屋主低利率融资等方面的资金投入。
Mountain View Village, one of Anchorage's first neighborhoods with the highest Alaska native population, had one of the lowest incomes and highest need for revitalization. The Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) selected Mountain View Village for its revitalization initiative, targeting blighted and deteriorated housing. CIHA undertook a scattered site development approach so housing improvements were not concentrated on a single block or area of the neighborhood. CIHA collaborated with the Mountain View Council (MVCC) to align the two organization's redevelopment preferences and offer citizens an active role in the planning process. Their goals included: decreased absentee landlordism, increased homeownership, and demolition of blighted, deteriorated, or vacant structures. CIHA has invested $84 million in Mountain View in land acquisition, redevelopment or development of rentals and homes for immediate sale, and low interest financing for homeowners.
Efforts so far have seen the demolition of 130 blighted structures, building 277 affordable homes, 51 new single family homes built for immediate home owners (of which, 50 have been sold). To date, CIHA has redeveloped 10 percent of all residential units in Mountain View Village. Early results show the effort of the last eight years is paying off — household incomes are on the rise; local schools are seeing increased parent participation and better student scores; and more people are choosing to live in Mountain View Village and are staying in their residences longer.

美国国家优秀规划奖——最佳实践奖National Planning Excellence Award for a Best Practice
城市林业法规修订项目Urban Forestry Code Revisions Project
地点:俄勒冈州,泰格尔市丨Location: Tigard, Oregon
Tigard's Urban Forestry Code Revisions Project was a multi-year effort resulting in a comprehensive rewrite of regulations relating to trees in both development and non-development situations. The resulting code is a novel approach that requires new development and redevelopment projects to provide a percentage of canopy coverage on its lots. Typical forestry codes often focus on the number of trees or caliper inches per lot area, but do not take into consideration the growth and maturation of trees.
The new code is flexible and incentive-based to help the city achieve its goal of 40 percent citywide tree canopy by 2047 and preserve the community's remaining grove of native trees, without unduly impeding development. Developers have four options that can be combined to meet the effective tree canopy requirements: preservation, planting, fee-in-lieu, or discretionary review. The Tree Grove Preservation Incentives make it possible to preserve existing tree groves while meeting development objectives. The code was developed through a collaborative process that brought together typically feuding parties. The plan also included extensive public involvement through open houses and committees.

美国国家优秀规划奖——基层倡议奖National Planning Excellence Award for a Grassroots Initiative
枯竭河道公共空间网络远景规划Ridges to River Open Space Network Vision Plan
地点:华盛顿,中哥伦比亚盆地丨Location: Mid-Columbia Basin, Washington
Rapid and uncoordinated development was destroying the Mid-Columbia Basin region's open spaces. Embarking on a six-year effort, citizens of the region took action to protect the open spaces, trails and valuable habitats. The citizens not only recognized the need for a regional plan, but also worked to fund the effort through volunteer work and grants. The steering committee included representatives from seven major jurisdictions, 10 nonprofits, and the metropolitan planning organization. The result, Ridges to Rivers Open Space Network Vision Plan, is a plan that is the only region-wide document that promotes open space and trail connectivity as a regional economic driver with health benefits and improved quality of life for residents.
The plan makes it possible for two counties and four cities to speak the same language, share the same maps, and use the same technology to approach planning for the region. It includes recommendations for preserving and enhancing open space in the region. To date, 10 of the 26 open space and trail recommendations are in varying levels of implementation; and nine of the 24 general recommendations have been or are in the process of being implemented. As a result of the citizen work, comprehensive plans are being amended, hillside standards are being written and on-the-ground efforts are providing critical trial linkages.

美国国家优秀规划奖——执行奖National Planning Excellence Award for Implementation
底特律沿河区域治理规划Detroit RiverFront Conservancy 
地点:密歇根州,底特律丨Location: Detroit, Michigan
约3.5英里的东部滨河区建设项目已告竣工,而长达2英里的西部滨河区建设正在启动。该规划项目为游客提供一周7天集健康、教育、娱乐于一体的滨河系列活动,其中最为盛大的当属一年一度的夏季滨河狂欢节,每年可吸引游客达15 000人。该项目的公众投资及私人投资共计已达10亿美元,而因该项目而产生的年税收约450万美元。市民甚至要求在原来5.5英里的滨河漫步道规划基础上继续延长。
The nonprofit Detroit RiverFront Conservancy was created in 2003 through a public-private partnership to encourage economic development within the city and to enable public access to the riverfront. Through its work, the Conservancy is transforming five and half miles of the Detroit riverfront from an area with limited public access, marked with crumbling buildings and overgrown lots into a revitalized riverfront that draws nearly three million visitors a year.
Nearly three and a half miles of the east riverfront project are complete and construction is starting on the two-mile west riverfront. The Conservancy offers seven-day-a-week programming to promote health, education, and recreation along the riverfront, including the annual River Days festival that draws 15,000 people each summer. The Conservancy has achieved $1 billion in total public and private sector investment and generates an estimated $4.5 million in annual tax revenue. The public has even requested that the RiverWalk be extended beyond its original five and half mile plan.

美国国家优秀规划奖——沟通倡议奖National Planning Excellence Award for a Communications Initiative
ACCESS杂志,加州大学交通中心ACCESS Magazine, University of California Transportation Center
地点:加利福尼亚州,洛杉矶丨Location: Los Angeles, California
ACCESS 杂志一贯致力于对加州大学交通中心的研究成果进行详尽报道,并以易读版式向广大读者展示,以便相关政策制定者及市政规划者们捕捉有价值的信息。ACCESS杂志由加州大学伯克利分校规划学教授梅尔·韦伯于1993年创刊,其目的是为了消除交通学术研究与相关政策之间存在的隔阂。
ACCESS Magazine reports on research at the University of California Transportation Center and presents it in a readable format so it useful for policy makers and planning practitioners. ACCESS was started in 1993 by University of California Berkeley planning professor Mel Webber to bridge the gap between transportation research and policy.
Authors of academic research published in a professional journal may write an abridged version for publication in ACCESS. The magazine's editors work with authors to translate academic, technical jargon into understandable, reader-friendly prose. The biannual publication has more than 8,500 subscribers from around the world and attracts more than 1,000 website visitors each month. Several ACCESS articles also have been translated and published in the Chinese journal, Urban Transport of China. After more than 20 years, ACCESS continues to help eliminate the gap between transportation research and policy makers.

美国国家优秀规划奖——交通规划奖National Planning Excellence Award for Transportation Planning
夏威夷交通局州级步行系统总体规划Hawaii Department of Transportation's Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan
地点:夏威夷Location: Hawaii
该规划设计过程透明、全面,得到了公众的广泛参与。夏威夷还成立了公民咨询委员会,协调各利益方在治安、卫生、交通、车辆及非机动车倡议等方面的利益。该规划还选定了31 个优先的项目地点,采取绩效考核措施,评估规划进展情况,进行责任制管理。夏威夷交通局的总体任务是为公众提供安全高效的多式联运交通系统,而夏威夷州级步行系统总体规划正是其必不可少的一项举措。
Hawaii's Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan prioritizes pedestrian safety, mobility, and accessibility, and is the first in the nation to have a statewide, pedestrian-only focus. The plan focuses on four critical transportation elements: improving safety; enhancing mobility and accessibility; improving connectivity; and encouraging priority pedestrian infrastructure. To combat the state's high number of pedestrian fatalities, the plan identifies ways to improve pedestrian safety through engineering, education, enforcement, and evaluation. The Hawaii Pedestrian Toolbox is a key component of the plan and includes guidelines and best practices for the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of pedestrian facilities.
The plan was created through a transparent and inclusive process that included extensive public participation. A Citizen Advisory Committee was created to provide a balanced representation of stakeholder interests including police, health, transit, vehicle, and non-motor advocates. The plan also identified 31 prioritized project locations and has included performance measures to gauge the plan's progress and provide accountability. The Hawaii Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan is one component of Hawaii DOT's overall mission of providing safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system.

美国国家优秀规划奖——环境规划奖National Planning Excellence Award for Environmental Planning
布劳沃德县气候变化原理Broward County Climate Change Element
地点:佛罗里达州,布劳沃德县Location: Broward County, Florida
The Broward County Climate Change Element (Element) is a county-wide strategy to protect residents, businesses, and infrastructure from climate change impacts and promote energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions. The Element was adopted in February 2013 and is a coordinated initiative consisting of 82 environmental policies that focus on local actions for addressing a subject with global implications. The Element looks to partners and collaborators to participate in the plan's implementation to improve community resilience and builds upon existing planning initiatives such as the Broward Climate Change Action Plan. Broward is the first local government in Florida to amend its comprehensive plan to provide for the Adaptation Action Areas designation as required by Florida state law.
The Element identifies climate-vulnerable areas; develops adaptation strategies for the built environment, natural systems, and green infrastructure; establishes intergovernmental coordination mechanisms to address climate change on a local, regional, and federal level; and supports creation of a regional climate change action plan. The Element took into consideration how the community will best adapt to and mitigate for the economic, environmental, and social effects of climate change. 

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